Another Beginning

There is no doubt regarding my absence from the web. The last blog I posted was nearly five years ago when I started my undergraduate education at UC Irvine. At the time, I took down my website for a plain “under construction” tagline that has been, until now, untouched.

The reason I am starting this blog again, in a rudimentary state, is to make a concerted effort in improving myself in all facets of life: health, knowledge, and experience. The first I would like to touch up on is, aptly-so, writing.

Being able to write concise prose is something that I want to achieve over a period of time. It is a personal goal of mine to document my life and career journey as I experience it. Whether that is my travels or studies, this is way for me to express myself, for myself.

It is not necessarily my intention or goal for this to be broadcast to an audience, but if there are excerpts that I write that are beneficial to others, then I am glad to make that my secondary drive.

Now, you may be wondering, or rather not wondering, why I am choosing to host this on I should be fully capable of designing and hosting my own platform. To be quite frank, keeping my own website running is not a task I want to commit myself to undertaking right now. I have spent countless hours trying to produce a personal website, and I would always burn myself out on the little details. I have learned a lot about web development over the years, most of it from developing my own sites. But this time, at least for now, I would like to not put that burden on myself. I want to focus on improving my writing delivery and style.

In addition to working on my writing skills, I want to use this platform to track my progress on my research and study goals. I plan to host my notes on different topics that I am interested in, ranging from machine learning, computer science, and observations. This can be me trying to condense a complex topic into understandable terms, which will help me target two skills: understanding complex topics and being able to communicate that topic in an understandable way through writing and graphics.

Now to wrap this up, I also want to share some insight into my private life. While I will not go into excruciating detail about my life, I want to explore more of the shareable aspects of my life: fitness, travel, what I’m reading, and pick-me-ups. More on this in the future…

Well, that is it, and I think that covers my intentions with some direction for what is to come. I plan for this blog to be engaging not only for you, but for me. I am always open to feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next time,


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